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Nagatoya:Store exterior

About Nagatoya

Over 170 years ago during the Edo period in the quiet castle town of Aizu in the north east of Japan, the lord of the land ordered a small sweetmaker to start creating confectionery for the common people. Since then, Nagatoya has been creating simple delicious sweets that have their roots bedded deep in the community. To this day, we welcome our customers to our traditional shop, which is over a hundred years old.

Fly Me to The Moon:Yokan fantazia

Fly Me to The Moon

Nagatoya’s latest line of wagashi(yokan), titled ‘Fly Me to the Moon’, is anything but ordinary. What looks like a standard block of yokan from the outside contains intricately designed scenes in each cube of yokan. It's made with champagne gelatine (made from seaweed, not actual gelatine) and sweet bean paste.The images on each cube depict a bird flying towards a moon with slight variations so that together they create a ‘flip-book’ style effect. The series aims to convey the traditional wagashi technique to future generations.

  • Walnut confectionary

    Walnut confectionary

    High quality walnuts are a specialty of the Aizu area.“Kurumi” (walnut in Japanese) is very high in nutrition and is said to be a source of long lasting beauty. In particular, “Kagunokinomi”, a small sweet made from walnut wrapped in “An” (bean jam), was officially selected as one of the world-class souvenirs of Japan for 2015. In addition, it was used at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016.

  • “Wasanbon” sugar muddler

    “Wasanbon” sugar muddler

    Wasanbon sugar is a unique Japanese sugar vital to Japanese confectionary making. It is made from specific ingredients using a traditional recipe and it has a distinct refined sweetness. We took this traditional sugar and created something a little more modern, the “Wasanbon Sugar Muddler”. The shapes are made using a wooden mould passed down through the generations at Nagatoya. They are in traditional Japanese shapes, are very cute, and are said to bring good fortune. Just place the muddler in a cup of coffee or tea instead of a sugar cube and stir for that perfect sweetness.This was chosen as competitive show wonder 500 where only 500 products chose a Japanese superior product as.

  • Bird candy, Daruma candy

    Bird candy, Daruma candy

    The bird (an “Oshidori” or “lovebird”) implies happiness for a couple.The Daruma (a popular image of the meditating founder of Zen) means “if you fall down 7 times, get up 8 times” (i.e. never give up).

  • Kai Sennen

    Kai Sennen (Thousand year-old clam)

    Shell shaped sweets placed in a container made from real clam shells.
    Clam shells are often seen as symbols for happy marriage and matchmaking as the two shells fit perfectly together. After finishing the sweets, you can use the beautiful shells as a container or as ornaments.


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